Friday, October 2, 2009

CCTV Maintenance

At Vivatron we offer a wide range of maintenance contracts for both Analogue and IP CCTV systems regardless as to whether we installed the system or not.

We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to maintenance and therefore we offer CCTV maintenance contracts at different service levels and durations throughout the year to best meet your requirements and ensure that your system is always working at its most efficient and remains trouble free. On top of our maintenance schedule we also offer a telephone support line to help if you have any problems with your system at any time throughout the year, and if we have remote access in to your system we can also review faults online free of charge.

We currently maintain systems within many different sectors from residential houses, to pubs, shops, hotels, factories, farms, schools and leisure centres.

To ensure that your system is working to its full potential and to enhance its life span, our CCTV Maintenance schedules include:

Check history of CCTV system since last maintenance visit
Visually inspect all major CCTV components including cabling & connections where accessible for signs of deterioration or damage
Check all CCTV control equipment (monitors, DVR/NVR, Multiplexer etc.)
Check and clean cameras, lenses and housings as necessary
Check lenses for correct field of view and adjust as necessary
Check pictures for correct field of view and adjust as necessary
Check recording and playback quality
Compare current recorded images to previously taken reference images and change settings if required
Report on any temporary obscuring of camera images e.g. growing trees and bushes
Repair any minor faults (where possible)
Retrain the users on the use of the CCTV system (if required)
Discuss any issues with the customer while on site and demonstrate as required including compliance with Data Protection Act
Log all test results and submit maintenance report to the customer including any recommendations for system improvements

CCTV Repairs

We can offer a CCTV repair service to Analogue and IP systems regardless of who installed your system. Our call out charges are reasonably priced and every attempt is made to repair a fault on site. If this is not possible a quotation will be submitted for replacement equipment, offering a range of available hardware to suit your budget and requirements.

CCTV Upgrades

We offer an upgrade service, anything from updating your old video recorder with a new digital recorder to adding additional cameras and capacity to your current system then we can help. Where possible we will offer a numbers of price options for the hardware and give you advice on what’s best for you.


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