Saturday, February 6, 2010

CCTV cameras installed in cinemas

The cameras, which cost £ 30,000 each, are installed in various Odeon cinemas across the country, which enables the audience in each screen to control by the staff in the foyer. They are installed at nine cinemas in major cities, including Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester and London, and the company plans to install them in all newly built cinemas.

Human rights groups and moviegoers have expressed concerns about the introduction of cameras on yet another area of life, some of infringing on the privacy of the public call.

Liberty, a civil liberties campaign group, has called for Odeon to make every visitor to know they are filmed.

Liberty's policy-maker, Gareth Crossman said: "Film Visitors should be informed about the presence of the cameras so they can go somewhere else if they are unhappy if they themselves be filmed.

James Dolan, 26, from Birmingham, who describes himself as an ordinary moviegoer said: "I go to the cinema to see other people who were shot, not even to be filmed.